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Mayor Webb gives an overview of the new Metro Economies Report

Vice President Gore credits good communication between the White House and cities for America's economic success.

Vice President Gore details what needs to be looked at to solve the problems in America's cities.

Daily Update: Friday, June 9
Vice-President Gore Calls for New Partnership with America's Cities
Says U.S. Metro Areas are Engines of National Economic Growth

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Vice President Al Gore told the nation's mayors at their 68th annual meeting in Seattle, Washington, June 9th, that he will create a new partnership with cities and U.S. metro areas to ensure that the most robust economy in U.S. history continues into the next decade.

The Vice President said that America's biggest challenge was "to make sure that no one is left behind" in an economy that has already created over 21 million jobs and cut minority unemployment rates in half, to historic lows. He said that U.S. metro areas accounted for almost 90 percent of the economic growth since 1993.

Gore told the mayors that he would work to give funds directly to local governments in a Gore presidency to bring more efficiency and improvement to governmental services. He pledged to continue and expand current crime fighting initiatives, calling for an additional 50,000 police officers for cities.

To help prevent juvenile crime, the Vice President pledged to make after-school programs for the nation's children a national priority.

Saying that the next Thomas Edison may live in a poor family in a poor neighborhood, he told the mayors that the future of democracy requires that the talents of all people be represented and made manifest. "The destiny of our nation is to help all our people to reach their dreams," he said.

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