The Third Annual ICIC/Inc. Inner City 100 Nomination Process

Karen Dillon calls for mayors to nominate inner city businesses.

Mayor Webb and Inc. representative Karen Dillon called for mayors to submit nominees to the Inner City 100, a list of the fastest growing inner city businesses in America.

Duane Meek to Mayors: "Landscape of Retirement for Public Employees is Changing Rapidly"

Meek praises mayors for participating in the current retirement program.

Read more about Mr. Meek's remarks.

Daily Update: Sunday, June 11
Jackson Challenges Mayors to Be Bold Leaders

Reverend Jackson stresses the importance of substance over charisma in terms of leadership.
Reverend Jesse Jackson, president and founder of Rainbow Push Coalition, challenged mayors to be bold leaders in their communities in addressing the needs of the poor. At a time when our nation is experiencing enormous economic prosperity, Jackson said many problems abound in local communities. Poverty and homelessness are on the rises, racial profiling is on the increase, jails are over crowded particularly with minorities, the lack of health care among the working poor, and inadequate job training are just a few of the issues Jackson discussed. "There appears to be a routine quietness across the nation" about these issues Jackson said. He urged mayors to speak up about them and to challenge the presidential candidates to address them. "What do you have to say to Bush and Gore? They need you now more than you need them," he said.

At the end of his speech, Jackson made a compassionate appeal to mayors to help increase public awareness about AIDS. He pointed out that many people are carrying the virus and don't even know it. He asked mayors to take the lead in their communities by taking an AIDS test and encouraging people

A National Conversation on Local Parks: Call for Action

Mayor Ashe says local parks are America's favorite parks
Knoxville Mayor Victor Ashe, National Park Service Director Bob Stanton, Congressman George Miller (D-CA) and National Association of Counties President C. Vernon Gray announced the June 21 Local Parks Day and called for passage of the Conservation and Reinvestment Act.