January 17-19, 2001 Capital Hilton Hotel
Washington, DC

Download the draft agenda. (last updated 1/12/01)
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1/19/0110 Mayors Honored for Model Public/Private Partnerships"
1/18/01Conference President Unveils "Priorities for the New American City"
1/18/013Com to Award Urban Challenge Grants to 10 Cities
1/17/01National, State, Local Leaders in Arts Advocacy Honored at Fourth Annual Mayors Arts Gala
1/17/01300 Mayors, in Nation's Capital Release Groundbreaking Nationwide Poll Showing Strong Public Support for Passenger Rail Investment
1/13/01Conference of Mayors to Host Ken Livingstone, First Popularly Elected Mayor of London, In His First Official Visit to U.S.
1/8/01300+ Mayors Converge on Washington for 69th Winter Meeting

Download the final list of participating mayors. (last updated 1/25/01)
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Friday, January 19

Mayor Archer invites mayors to Detroit for the Annual Meeting.
Mayor Daley calls for school construction; Mayor Guido gives update on internet taxation

Thursday, January 18
"Priorities for the New American City"; Secretary Cuomo and Mayor Livingstone Address Conference

Wednesday, January 17

Mayor Morial describes building the "third leg" of the nation's transportation system.
Arts Gala; Passenger Rail Poll

Tuesday, January 16
President Clinton Accepts Conference Award at White House Ceremony

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