January 22-24, 2002: Washington, DC
January 24-26, 2002: New York City

Daily Recaps
Wednesday, January 23
Thursday, January 24
Friday, January 25
Saturday, January 26

General Meeting Information
Mayors in Attendance

"Meet the Mayors" Taping
Draft Agenda

Press Releases
USA Today: Cities Struggle in Sept. 11's Wake (1/28/2002)

NY Daily News: Mayors Visit Ground Zero (1/27/2002)
San Jose Mercury News: Cities to Host NY Firefighters (1/27/2002)
NY Post: Cities Unite America and Thanks NY Firefighters (1/27/2002)

Reuters: Mayors' Homeland Economic Security Plan (1/26/2002)
NY Daily News: NY Mayor Bloomerg Addresses Nation's Mayors (1/26/2002)
AP: Mayors Meet in NYC (1/26/2002)
Mayors Release Plan for Improving Homeland Economic Security (1/26/2002)

Mayors Pay Tribute to Victims of September 11; Former Mayor Giuliani, Senator Clinton to Speak (1/25/2002)
Nation's Mayors Thank New York City Firefighters with Trips to U.S. Cities (1/25/2002)
U.S. Conference of Mayors Presents Public-Private Partnership Awards (1/25/2002)

AP: Mayors at the White House (1/24/2002)
Mayors Demonstrate Support for Amtrak (1/24/2002)
AP: Mayors Support Amtrak (1/24/2002)
U.S. Mayors Applaud President Bush's Plan to Help Pay for Homeland Security (1/24/2002)
Washington Post: Mayors' Jazz Dinner (1/24/2002)
New York Times: Mayors Seek Support for Providing Security (1/24/2002)

5 Cities Win 3Com Urban Challenge Grants (1/23/2002)
Nation's Mayors to Meet With President Bush Thursday, January 24 (1/23/2002)
Mayors to Place Super Bet on Super Bowl (1/23/2002)
250 Mayors to Assemble in New York to Promote Economic Recovery (1/23/2002)
>>Amtrak Press Conference
Ridge and Mineta Say Mayors Serve on "Front Lines" of Defense, and Pledge Closer Federal-City Partnership (1/23/2002)
Survey Finds Over $2.6 Billion in Added Security Costs (1/23/2002)

Nation's Mayors to Meet in Washington and New York (1/18/2002)
U.S. Cities Face Affordable Housing Crisis (1/18/2002)
Free Stress Screening for CEOs of America's Cities (1/17/2002)
Women Mayors to Meet Women U.S. Senators (1/17/2002)

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