June 25-29, 2004

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Press Releases
Bostonís Big Dig Mayor Menino Hosts a Private Tour of the Nationís Largest Public Works Project (06/28/2004)
Mayor Garner: About Senator Kerry Not Addressing Mayors Conference (06/28/2004)
Metro Economies Report: Press Release | Full Report (06/28/2004)
Mayors Measure Interoperable Communication Between Cities, Regions, States And The Federal Government | Full Report (06/28/2004)
Joint Effort to Turn Brownfields into Greenfields; U.S. Conference of Mayors and Cherokee Share Goal of Revitalizing Americaís Cities (06/27/2004)
USCM/DuPont Award $500,000 to Cities For Lead-Safety Efforts (06/26/2004)
2004 City Livability Award Winners Announced; Charleston, Santa Barbara Receive Top Honors | Photos (06/26/2004)
Mayors Release New Homeland Security Survey; Third Mayors' Report to the Nation Shows Too Many Cities Still Left Empty Handed | Full Report (06/25/2004)
72nd Annual Meeting Preview (06/25/04)

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Attendance Policy
U.S. Mayor Preview (06/21/2004)
Draft Agenda
Adopted Resolutions
Pre-Registered Mayors (06/17/2004)
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