January 17-19, 2005
Washington, DC

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Monday, January 17
Tuesday, January 18
Wednesday, January 19

Press Coverage

New York Times: Mayors Urge Bush Not to Cut Aid Program
San Francisco Chronicle: Mayors cry foul at Bush plan to cut $4.7 billion aid to cities
Knight Ridder: Mayors Request to Know Content of Trains
Associated Press: Ridge blames rules for delay in funding
CNN: Mayors: No funds for homeland security

Press Releases

USCM Presents Public-Private Partnership Awards (01/19/05)

Countrywide Announces $1 Million Gift to Mayors Dollarwi$e Campaign (01/19/05)
Mayors Pass Three Emergency Resolutions As They Wrap Up Winter Meeting | View the Resolutions (01/19/05)

Mayors Urge Freight Rail Hazmat Notification Review: Letter to Secretary Mineta | Letter to Secretary Ridge (01/18/05)
New Grants to Help Mayors Strengthen our Nation's Schools (01/18/05)
Cans For Cash: City Recycling Challenge Collects Over 60 Million Aluminum Cans; USCM, Novelis, Inc. Announce Winners (01/18/05)
Press Release: Meeting Overview (01/18/05)
Media Advisory: Wednesday Highlights (01/18/05)
2005 Public Leadership in the Arts Awards (01/18/05)

Media Advisory: Tuesday Highlights (01/17/05)

Media Advisory: Meeting Preview (01/14/05)

General Meeting Information

U.S. Mayor Preview (01/10/05)
"Meet the Mayors" Taping
Attendance Policy
Draft Agenda

Attending Mayors

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