The United States Conference of Mayors: Celebrating 75 Years

Mayors Campbell And Corradini Conduct Youth Fitness Event With Atlanta Kids

Atlanta became the latest venue for a US Conference of Mayors youth fitness event on Feb. 12, when Atlanta Mayor Bill Campbell and Conference President and Salt Lake City Mayor Deedee Corradini participated in a workout session with some 65 students at the city's Inman Middle School.

The Conference helped organize the event to promote the importance of physical fitness for the city's schoolchildren, continuing the Conference's emphasis on youth fitness under the leadership of Mayor Corradini. Similar events have been carried out in New York City, New Orleans, Long Beach, Washington, DC and Salt Lake City, and others are planned for several other cities in the months ahead.

Participating in the Atlanta event with the mayors was Sheila Walker of the United States Olympic Committee, co-sponsor of the U.S. Mayors' OlympiKids for Fitness Program, which targets 4th-6th graders. The Conference has also partnered with the Nike Company for The Mayors' Sports Challenge, a program focused on junior high school students.

Mayor Corradini was in Atlanta to attend the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association (SGMA) "Supershow." In three separate speaking engagements, she encouraged the organization's leadership to support the youth fitness initiatives launched by the USCM. During an SGMA awards function that included Kenny Rogers, she asked the country music star to serve on the Mayors' Youth Fitness Board, which will work to create and to support programs to motivate American young people to become and remain active and fit throughout their lifetimes. Tipper Gore, wife of Vice President Al Gore, recently agreed to serve as honorary chair of that board.

Mayor Corradini also took time to plug the Mayors' youth fitness programs during a live interview on CNN's Early Edition, and later in an interview with editors from the Atlanta Journal and Constitution.

The mayors challenged the kids to give up one hour of watching television each day -- that's only seven of the average 28 hours a week kids spend watching television -- and to dedicate that time to being active. "Physical fitness is important on so many levels," said Mayor Corradini, "Physically fit kids are not only healthier but they have higher self-esteem, and have less incidences of dropping out of school, drug use and teen pregnancy than kids who are not physically fit."

Mayor Campbell added, "Our young people are one of Atlanta's most precious resources. Encouraging them to lead healthier lives will help them to lead fuller, more productive and ultimately, happier lives."