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Community Problem-Solving Programs at the Kennedy School Of Government Drugs, Crime and Violence

May 29, 2000

The Executive Education group at the Kennedy School of Government is developing a new set of programs focused on community problem-solving around drugs, crime and violence. The programs will emphasize the sustainability of long term collaborative efforts. They are designed for community leaders and city agency heads. See for a description of the first program, focused on drugs and drug-related crime. The drugs and crime program grows out of six years of study by the interdisciplinary Working Group on Drugs and Addictions at Harvard. It will run July 16-28 of this year and will include individual participants from diverse disciplinary and agency backgrounds.

A second program on drugs and drug related crime will be structured for community teams (five to six individuals per team). This component will run in January 2001. It is intended that many participants in the July component will return as team leaders in the January 2001 component, but the two components may be subscribed to independently. Also in January 2001, the Kennedy School of Government will be running a team program on the same model focused specially on youth violence. For more information on these programs, contact Carla Owens, Program Director at 617-495-1233 or Carla_Owens/FS/ To discuss the curriculum, call Will Brownsberger, Faculty Director at 617-489-2612 or via e-mail at:

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