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Senate Minority Leader Reads Names Daily from Wall of Gun Deaths

By Tony Iallonardo
May 29, 2000

In a May 17 news conference, Senate Democratic Leader Tom Daschle (SD) opened by reading the names of victims of guns from a U.S. Conference of Mayors survey, "The Death Toll Since Columbine". The senator vowed to read names every day into the Congressional Record until the Senate took action on gun safety legislation (see full story for details of Senate action).

The senator said,

"James Allen (sp), 27, Houston, Texas; Ladred (sp) A. Austin, 21, Chicago; Jeremiah Buchanan, 22, Houston, Texas; Carimo Ali Deremy (sp), 23, Detroit; Rufus Denuel, 50,Charlotte; Maurice Harris, 27, St. Louis; Raul Martinez, 27, Chicago; Marty Owens, 31, Chicago;Andre D. Barker, 19, Chicago; George Robinson, 39, Houston; Robert Nujean Simms (sp), 20,Washington; John DeLeon (sp), 32, Houston; and a man who was 31, from Honolulu. Those are the names that the U.S. Conference of Mayors have as victims of homicide last year, May 17th.

"As I noted yesterday, each day it is our intention from here on out, to provide as accurate a list of people who have died — children, adults — on that day just one year ago. We have the information from a year ago. We don’t have it as recently as the last two weeks.

"Our intention is also to ask unanimous consent every day to take the five Juvenile Justice gun-safety provisions and amend whatever vehicle may be pending at the time. We’ll be doing that again on the floor. So these names will be listed today in the Congressional Record; read aloud, as I just did."

The full survey can be accessed at the Conference’s web site: usmayors.org.

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