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Chicago Mayor Daley Pulls Out All The Stops For Census

July 17, 2000

In the final days of the 2000 Census, Chicago Mayor Richard H. Daley urged those who had not participated yet to be counted over the phone via toll free numbers.

"If you don't call over the next two days, there's a good chance you will not be counted at all," said Daley. "Every Chicagoan has not participated. Only you know if you have been counted. So for the sake of your families and the continued progress of the entire City, call to be counted today."

Although the phone number was shut down after June 30, Mayor Daley said that this did not mean the Census operation is complete. During the next phase of the count, U.S. Census Bureau enumerators will be counting people in new construction buildings and returning to residences previously marked as "vacant" during the door-to-door enumeration effort.

"The Census is not over yet. Census workers will still be knocking on doors in new buildings and residences that they did not reach originally. So, please continue to cooperate with Census workers who arrive at your doorstep," urged Daley.

On June 1, the mayor announced a "pull out all the stops" Census awareness and outreach campaign. Since that announcement, the Chicago region's participation ranking has surpassed five other regions, including New York, Detroit and Seattle.

During the campaign, aimed at educating residents about the importance of census participation and bolstering the Census count in Chicago, the City had:

  • partnered with Chicago's business and retail community to spread the word. For example, the City worked with dozens of real estate companies to gain access to high rise complexes;

  • distributed promotional materials at more than 350 stores, restaurants and other retail locations in every Chicago neighborhood;

  • printed and distributed more than 4 million fliers (in four languages) touting the toll free number;

  • recruited 2,500 City volunteers who distributed fliers at more than 500 events and locations in every Chicago neighborhood; and

  • organized almost daily events designed to communicate what exactly is at stake for the City in terms of federal dollars, representation in government and economic development

"Businesses, community and church leaders, CAPS organizations, block clubs, volunteers and the media have all played an integral role in raising the count in Chicago," said Daley. "The City thanks each and every Chicagoan who has filled out their Census forms or have called to be counted over the phone. The City is better off because of your efforts."

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