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"Tom Cochran Day" Celebrated in Denver, Boise, New Orleans and Seattle
Conference Executive Director Honored for 30 Years Commitment for Work on Behalf of America's Cities and Mayors

July 17, 2000

Following the conclusion of the 68th Annual Conference of Mayors in Seattle June 9 - 13th, Conference Executive Director J. Thomas Cochran received an unusual accolade from four mayors representing The Conference Leadership.

The honor: A Special day on June 13th designated "Tom Cochran Day" in Denver, Boise, New Orleans and Seattle.

The honor also included the adoption of special resolutions in each city which praised Cochran, Conference Executive Director since 1987, and conference staff for helping the Conference of Mayors and America's cities to "forge critical partnerships with state and federal branches of government" and "developing innovative strategies that have helped create international and domestic initiatives that benefit mayors and cities throughout America."

The resolutions singled out such new policy directions forged this year as the Conference's 10-point Agenda for America's Cities, the creation of the "Victims Wall" credited with raising awareness of the "human cost of the gun violence epidemic and America's Cities" and The U.S. Metro Economies Report.

The last - named initiative, the resolutions said, helped the nation to recognize the critical importance and strength of America's cities in global market place, showing clearly that the metro economies of the U.S. are major players in keeping the economy humming at a robust pace.

The June 13th "Tom Cochran Day" B an unusual honor B was sponsored by Denver Mayor Wellington E. Webb, immediate Past President of The Conference, Boise Mayor H. Brent Coles, who assumed the presidency in Seattle; New Orleans Mayor Marc H. Morial, now Conference Vice President; and Seattle Host Mayor Paul Schell.

Cochran has served the Conference of Mayors since 1969. Prior to joining the Conference, Cochran served in the President's Office of Economic Opportunity with Sargent Shriver, head of the Anti-Poverty efforts begun under President John F. Kennedy and an effort later expanded by President Lyndon B. Johnson.

As director of Congressional Relations for the Job Corps and the Head Start Program, he received several awards for outstanding services.

After months of intensive preparations, the Conference staff held their post-conference staff party before leaving Seattle. Thanks to the initiative of the four mayors, most Conference staff were seen wearing "Tom Cochran Day" T-shirts.

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