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Coles Appoints Transition Policy Teams; Calls Chicago Meeting July 20-21

By Ed Somers
July 17, 2000

New Conference of Mayors President Boise Mayor H. Brent Coles is developing a work-plan designed to ensure that mayors are active participants in establishing the policy priorities of the next President of the United States and his administration.

As he announced in his inaugural address in Seattle at the 68th Annual Conference of Mayors, Mayor Coles will focus his work as President of the Conference on four major areas: 1) The well being of the family; 2) The livability of communities and neighborhoods in which we live and work; 3) Educating the workforce of the new millennium; and 4) Building infrastructure to connect metro economies. As Mayor Coles stated, "by working on these issues, we will be able to strengthen and maintain the growth of The New American City."

Within these four overarching areas, Mayor Coles has identified 10 specific priorities:

  • Drug Control/Public Safety

  • Human Dignity/Diversity

  • School Programs Supporting Families

  • Smart Growth (Housing, Transportation, Environment, Brownfields)

  • Smart Cities/Technology Infrastructure/Digital Divide

  • Parks and Open Space

  • Technology in Schools

  • Workforce Technology Training

  • Rail System Restoration

  • Airport Enhancements

As Coles said in Seattle, the New Agenda for America's Cities developed by Past President Denver Mayor Wellington E. Webb "is a road map that will define the course of this organization for many years to come."

Coles added that, "not everything in that agenda can be accomplished in one year. My goal is to drill down on the agenda and develop detailed transition policies for working with the next Administration on priorities which can be accomplished in the immediate future, and to focus on the best practices of mayors and cities which can be national models for action." A full copy of Mayor Coles' speech and highlights of his agenda are available at usmayors.org.

To help develop and define the transition policies, Mayor Coles has called a special meeting for the chairs and members of the 10 transition policy teams to be held at the Chicago Marriott O'Hare Hotel on Friday, July 21, with a reception the evening before on July 20 at the hotel.

At the Friday meeting, the 10 teams will work individually in the morning, and reports will be made to the entire group in the afternoon with the opportunity for all mayors to comment on any of the 10 transition areas.

As Mayor Coles stated in the letter he sent to his team chairs and members, "this is a critical meeting as we work to further establish our priorities for the next administration and the transition process which will formally begin on November 8, but has already informally begun in both campaigns."

The work of the Chicago meeting will then be taken into the Fall Leadership Meeting in Boise/Sun Valley on September 13-17 to which the policy advisors for both Vice President Gore and Governor Bush have been invited.

Transition Teams

Drug Control/Public Safety
Jeff Griffin, Mayor of Reno
Scott L. King, Mayor of Gary

Lee P. Brown, Mayor of Houston
Joseph P. Ganim, Mayor of Bridgeport
Preston A. Daniels, Mayor of Des Moines
Arlene J. Mulder, Mayor of Arlington Heights
Rita L. Mullins, Mayor of Palatine
Martin O'Malley, Mayor of Baltimore
Bart Peterson, Mayor of Indianapolis
Carlos Moises Ramirez, Mayor of El Paso
Graham A. Richard, Mayor of Fort Wayne

Human Dignity/Diversity
Bob Knight, Mayor of Wichita
Meyera Oberndorf, Mayor of Virginia Beach

Sara B. Bost, Mayor of Irvington
Peter A. Clavelle, Mayor of Burlington
Paul Fraim, Mayor of Norfolk
James A. Garner, Mayor of Hempstead
Alex Fekete, Mayor of Pembroke Pines
Catherine J. Melchert, Mayor of Bartlett (IL)
Joseph P. Riley, Jr., Mayor of Charleston

School Programs Supporting Families
Rosemary Corbin, Mayor of Richmond (CA)
David W. Moore, Mayor of Beaumont

Sharon Sayles Belton, Mayor of Minneapolis
Dannel P. Malloy, Mayor of Stamford
Bill Purcell, Mayor of Nashville
James Torrey, Mayor of Eugene
Judith Valles, Mayor of San Bernardino
Marilyn Young, Mayor of Yuma

Smart Growth (Housing, Transportation, Environment, Brownfields)
Patrick McCrory, Mayor of Charlotte
M. Susan Savage, Mayor of Tulsa

John Antaramian, Mayor of Kenosha
Dennis W. Archer, Mayor of Detroit
Kenneth Barr, Mayor of Ft. Worth
J. Christian Bollwage, Mayor of Elizabeth
Charles E. Box, Mayor of Rockford
Willie L. Brown, Jr., Mayor of San Francisco
Elizabeth G. Flores, Mayor of Laredo
Jon Kinsey, Mayor of Chattanooga
William A. Johnson, Jr., Mayor of Rochester
Patrick J. McManus, Mayor of Lynn
Mark W. Schwiebert, Mayor of Rock Island (IL)

Smart Cities/Technology Infrastructure/Digital Divide

Jerry Brown, Mayor of Oakland
Anthony A. Williams, Mayor of the District of Columbia

Hal J. Daub, Mayor of Omaha
John Fernandez, Mayor of Bloomington
Michael A. Guido, Mayor of Dearborn
Sharpe James, Mayor of Newark (NJ)
Ronald Kirk, Mayor of Dallas
Vicki Reynolds, Mayor of Beverly Hills
Bob Walkup, Mayor of Tucson

Parks and Open Space
Victor Ashe, Mayor of Knoxville
Marc H. Morial, Mayor of New Orleans

James Brainard, Carmel (IN)
Lee R. Clancey, Mayor of Cedar Rapids
C. Jack Ellis, Mayor of Macon
Elizabeth B. Kautz, Burnsville (MN)
Joseph A. Griffo, Mayor of Rome
Gus Morrison, Mayor of Fremont (CA)
David W. Smith, Mayor of Newark (CA)

Technology in Schools
Shirley Dean, Mayor of Berkeley
Thomas M. Menino, Mayor of Boston

Susan J.M. Bauman, Mayor of Madison
Norman Coleman, Mayor of St. Paul
Douglas Palmer, Mayor of Trenton

Workforce Technology Training
Vincent A. Cianci, Jr., Mayor of Providence
Beverly O'Neill, Mayor of Long Beach

Floyd Adams, Mayor of Savannah
Jim Gatzke, Mayor of New Berlin
Clarence Harmon, Mayor of St. Louis
Donald L. Plusquellic, Mayor of Akron

Rail System Restoration
Patrick Henry Hays, Mayor of North Little Rock
John Robert Smith, Mayor of Meridian

Ross 'Rocky' Anderson, Mayor of Salt Lake City
Ralph Appezzato, Mayor of Alameda
Michael B. Coleman, Mayor of Columbus
Brian Ebersole, Mayor of Tacoma
Kirk Watson, Mayor of Austin
Wellington E. Webb, Mayor of Denver

Airport Enhancements
Bill Campbell, Mayor of Atlanta
Richard M. Daley, Mayor of Chicago

Ken Gnadt, Mayor of Grand Island (NE)
Tom J. Murphy, Mayor of Pittsburgh
Alexander Penelas, Mayor of Miami-Dade
John Street, Mayor of Philadelphia
Michael R. Turner, Mayor of Dayton
Don Wesely, Mayor of Lincoln
Shelia Young, Mayor of San Leandro


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