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House Cuts COPS Program, Level Funds Local Law Enforcement Block Grant

By Ed Somers
July 17, 2000

The U.S. House of Representatives on June 26 approved its Fiscal Year 2001 funding bill (HR 4690) which covers the Department of Justice and key city law enforcement programs.

The House bill provides only $595 million in new funding for the COPS program, and requests that $150 million in unobligated funds also be spent on COPS. However, the Justice Department reports that $150 million in unobligated funds does not exist.

President Clinton's FY 2001 budget request called for $1.335 billion for the COPS program, and the program received $913 million in FY 2000.

The House bill provides $523 million for the Local Law Enforcement Block Grant, the same as provided last year, while the Administration's budget proposed to eliminate LLEBG.

Also, the House bill does not fund President Clinton's request for $150 million to hire or redeploy over 1,000 community prosecutors in regions designated by the Department of Justice as High Gun Violence Areas.

The Senate has not yet acted on its FY 2001 appropriations bill for the Department of Justice.

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