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RNC Platform Chair Gov. Thompson Reaches Out to Republican Mayors

By Ed Somers
July 17, 2000

Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson, chair of the platform committee for the Republican National Convention, held a conference call with Republican mayors on July 7 regarding key Conference of Mayors policy positions which should be included in the Republican platform for Philadelphia and be transition priorities for presidential candidate George W. Bush.

Participating in the call were Conference President Boise Mayor H. Brent Coles, Knoxville Mayor Victor Ashe, Charlotte Mayor Patrick McCrory, Dearborn Mayor Michael Guido, and El Paso Mayor Carlos Ramirez. Also on the call was Representative Sue Myrick, former Mayor of Charlotte.

Key issues discussed in the call included public safety, transportation, education, sprawl, the environment, and the role of mayors in the metro economies.

It was agreed on the call that Conference President Coles will take the lead in providing additional details regarding the priorities of mayors for the platform and transition. Mayor Coles has instructed Conference staff to follow up with RNC staff on details regarding transition priorities.

Also, Bush policy director Stephen Goldsmith has been invited to participate in the September Conference Leadership Meeting in Boise/Sun Valley, as has Vice President Al Gore's policy director Elaine Kamarck.

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