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Vice President Gore Names Alvin Brown as Senior Advisor for Urban Policy

July 17, 2000

Vice President Al Gore has appointed Alvin Brown to the new position of Senior Advisor for Urban Policy and to serve as Vice Chair of the White House Community Empowerment Board.

"Alvin Brown will help me work to bring a new prosperity to America's cities in the 21st century," Vice President Gore said. "Alvin shares my strong belief that we have it in our power to reverse decades of decline in America's cities, and that the best days of urban America are in the future rather than the past."

Brown has been Executive Director of the White House Community Empowerment Board since February 1999 and previously served as a senior adviser to Housing and Urban Development Secretary Andrew Cuomo. Brown has served in the Clinton-Gore Administration since 1993.

"Alvin Brown's appointment is good news for America's cities. Alvin is an outstanding urban expert who will serve as a trusted and valuable adviser to the Vice President," Secretary Cuomo said.

Brown will be responsible for advising the Vice President on a wide range of domestic issues involving urban affairs, including: revitalizing communities by attracting new jobs, new investment and new businesses to places left behind by the economic boom, smart growth and livability, expanding the supply of affordable housing, and other issues of concern to urban areas and other communities.

Mr. Brown received his MBA and B.S. from Jacksonville University in Florida and has completed postgraduate work at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. He is married to Santhea Hicks.

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