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The U.S. Conference of Mayors Adopt Water Resolutions in Seattle

July 17, 2000

Two resolutions concerning water resources were adopted by the USCM at the Annual Meeting held in Seattle.

Investing in Water Infrastructure

Citing statistics reported by the Water Infrastructure Network group, this resolution calls attention to a $60 billion annual gap in capital spending for water and wastewater infrastructure investment. The resolution recognizes that a Water Infrastructure Caucus has formed in Congress to raise public awareness on the need to increase federal resource commitments to help communities close the investment gap. The resolution calls for Congress and the White House to craft a more comprehensive federal response to the growing water and wastewater needs of the nation. The resolution requests that Congress dedicate more federal funding, and also adopt new tax legislation to enable communities to access Clean Water Bonds for water-related infrastructure projects, and exempt such bonds from the state volume caps.

Improving the Total Maximum Daily Load Program Under the Clean Water Act

This resolution calls for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to substantially modify the current proposal to regulate total maximum daily load (TMDL) rules. The resolution cites the enormous $1 trillion of investment already made by local government and industry to improve and maintain water quality for public use, recreation, protection of aquatic ecosystems, and to provide for economic prosperity. The Mayors call for EPA to redraft regulatory language to emphasize control of non-point sources in addition to the traditional approach of regulating point sources. The resolution also calls on Congress to not adopt new TMDL mandates that would supercede EPA's efforts to redraft the currently proposed TMDL rules.

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