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New Step-by-Step Guide Can Help Cities Produce Profiles on Drug Abuse and Drug Policy

Reviewed by Crystal D. Swann

A new guide by Drug Strategies provides a comprehensive methodology for profiling drug abuse policies and programs, and developing recommendations to improve strategies. The guide Lessons from the Field: Profiling City Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Problems, is based on Drug Strategiesí experience in producing profiles in three cities, Detroit, Michigan; Santa Barbara, California and Washington, DC. The city profiles give policymakers an independent assessment of the nature and extent of alcohol, tobacco and other drug problems, and the effectiveness of local responses. The profiles also point out relevant trends in drug use, crime, cost to society, health policy and health status.

Lessons from the Field is an easy-to-use guide designed to help cities develop their own profiles of alcohol, tobacco and other drug problems and policies. The guide identifies the following five essential steps to producing a city profile: getting started, gathering data, investigating promising programs, producing the report, and looking ahead. It also includes easy to use sample forms and resources for finding data at the local, state, and national level.

Drug Strategies is a Washington, D.C.-based non-profit research institute promoting more effective approaches to the nationís drug problems through treatment, education, prevention and law enforcement programs that work to reduce substance abuse.

To obtain a free copy of the guide call 202/289-9070 or log onto Drug Strategiesí web site at

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