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President Clinton has named New Orleans Mayor Marc H. Morial as a member of The Twenty-First Century Workforce Commission. Mayor since 1994, Morial is Chairman of the Conference of Mayors Advisory Board and a member of the Conference Board of Trustees.

The newly created Commission is charged to conduct a study of all matters relating to the information technology workforce in the United States.

Cleveland Mayor Michael White, visiting Newark Mayor Sharpe James and his city October 19, hailed Newark's sports development initiatives as a key ingredient for long-term economic development for cities. White has served as Cleveland's mayor for three terms and has drawn media attention for his efforts providing the Cleveland Indians with a new stadium, brought NBA basketball back to the inner city and retuned NFL football to Cleveland.

Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino and his efforts to fight his city's Number 1 killer, cancer, received prominent national attention in a November 2 New York Times article.

Boston's largest public health mailing -- more than a quarter-million English and Spanish brochures -- are a keystone in the city's crusade against cancer. The initiative drew praise from public health experts as an effective way to prevention an dearly detection of cancer.

In addition, Boston's municipal employees are allowed to take off four hours each year for cancer screening, a rule that city officials say was the first in the country.

Mayor Menino is active in The Mayor's Campaign Against Breast Cancer and was featured speaker at the Breast Cancer luncheon and forum at the annual Conference of Mayors meeting in June in New Orleans.

Lima (OH) Mayor David J. Berger has spearheaded revitalization efforts in his city, and an ambitious local recovery effort following some economic downturns in recent years. The public television stations around the country are currently showing an hour-long documentary based on the community-wide effort to replace major industries in the Ohio city. Titled "Lost in Middle America" -- the acronym for the show spells LIMA -- the documentary is a realistic portrayal by a producer to portray "warts and all" what happened after economic blows hit the Ohio city. It has been airing nationally by many public broadcasting affiliates.

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