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About The U.S. Conference of Mayors | Organizational Leaders
Task Forces

A Task Force is created by the President of the Conference to address individual issues requiring the immediate attention of a select group of mayors. Task Force recommendations are submitted to the organization as a whole and generally serve as the basis for Conference policy positions. A Task Force is not intended to serve as a permanent body within the organization. When a Task Force mission is completed, the issue it addressed usually is assigned to a permanent Standing Committee for continued monitoring; and the Task Force is disbanded.

(updated 1/16/2017)

Ex-Officio on all Task Forces:
Mayor Mick Cornett, Oklahoma City, OK, President
Mayor Mitchell J. Landrieu, New Orleans, LA, Vice President
Mayor Steve Benjamin, Columbia, SC, Second Vice President

Advanced Manufacturing




Cities of Opportunity

Council on Metro Economies and the New American City

Educational Excellence

Ending Veteran Homelessness

Energy Independence and Climate Protection

Food Policy

Hunger and Homelessness

Immigration Reform

Latino Alliance of The U.S. Conference of Mayors

Mayors and Metro Universities

Mayors and Police Chiefs

Mayors Business Council

Mayors Professional Sports Alliance

Mayors Water Council

My Brother's Keeper

Pipeline Safety

Ports and Exports

Small Business and Entrepreneurship

Substance Abuse, Prevention and Recovery Services

Technology and Innovation


Trans-Pacific Partnership

Vacant and Abandoned Properties