Mayor William Miranda Marín

The Fine Arts Program

Background: Fine Arts Workshop Programs

The Municipal Government of Caguas, Puerto Rico began its Fine Arts Program under the initiative of the Cultural Development Department in 1981. The Program was initiated with drawing and painting workshops. These programs were integrated into additional programs, such as the dance programs, community theatre and the puppets confection. Workshops are offered at the Victor Torres Lizardi Amphitheatre, located in the center of the town. The municipality is proud of the fact that part of the national and local talent working on local and international stages began their training under this program. Currently, the Fine Arts Program enjoys respect and prestige at the local, national and international levels.

Escuela de Danza/Dance School

The Luis O. Figueroa Dance School was created in 1991 in order to develop new forms of expression through dance and music. Content: Skills and knowledge in dance. Fields of study: Modern dance, classic ballet, dance history, production, wardrobe and scenery. Focus: Skills for initial development, leadership, discipline and responsibility.

Infantile Theatrical Shop

This workshop has as its primary goal to develop the physical, affective, social, intellectual and moral skills of children and to provide a method for social expression by means of theatre.

Juvenile Theatrical Shop

This workshop has as its primary goal to develop the physical, affective, social, intellectual and moral skills of youth. Content: Diction, corporal expression, theatrical production, youth theatre (contemporary and social), disciplines within theatrical occupations, performance.

Bells Choir

Established in 1990, it is one of the most well-established shops that the Program offers. This workshop offers the opportunity for musical education at a young age. It is designed to develop within children and youth the interest for music from different eras and styles. Content: Musical education in singing and/or interpretation with an instrument. Development of self-esteem and confidence through presentations in public.

Plastic Arts

The Plastic Arts Shop has included, since 1981, Drawing and Painting workshops. It is one of the most sought-after shops among the juvenile and infantile populations. This shop has as its primary goal to develop within children and youths basic skills in drawing and painting. Content: Basic drawing, history of art, philosophy of art, theories of color, composition, design, balance and harmony, and light and shades, basic perspectives, application and nature of color usage.

Children’s Choir

The Children’s Choir was established in August 1981. It provides a comprehensive curriculum that includes instrumental or vocal development. During the last 19 years, the Children’s Choir of Caguas has had great success in the principal fine arts showrooms in and outside of Puerto Rico. It has also garnered special recognition in choral festivals in the United States. Content: Music theory and interpretation, vocal techniques and musical assembly.

Bells Choir: Barriada Morales

In February 1977, the Bells Choir was established in the Barriada Morales area of the Municipality of Caguas with the objective of offering training in musical interpretation with bells to economically and socially disadvantaged children and resident girls from the community. Content: Basic music theory, musical interpretation, rhythmic training, music reading, show assembly. One uniting element for this effort are the nuns of Hermanas Salesianas/Sisters Salesianas who work in this community by encouraging the children to contribute to their musical group.

Program Achievements

Achievements include: Increased participation of parents within the community by means of the organization of a Parents Committee; presentations all over the island and outside of Puerto Rico in countries such as Venezuela; graduates of our program form part of recognized musical groups, theatre groups, dance and cinema productions for local and international television and theatre shows; development of self esteem within children and youth; and providing positive experiences and productive activities for youth and children during their free time.

Economic Resources

The Fine Arts Program is supported with municipal and federal funds granted annually for the development of these activities. The same are used to cover staff salaries and purchase of materials and equipment.


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