Mayor Fred Latham

Mariachi de Colores

Mariachi de Colores works with many organizations to bring the arts to children including the Multi-ethnic Cultural and Arts Association (MECA), City of Killeen, City Council and Arts Commission, Killeen Independent School District (KISD), and International Folk Culture Center (IFCC).

Mariachi de Colores teaches children to play music, sing, and dance utilizing a variety of programmatic activities such as musical groups and instruments, traditional dress and costumes, and folk dancing. The methods of instruction include live music, costume design and photography instruction. The group has performed for the U.S. Army, on local television, and at the City of Killeen Festival of Flags Parade just to name a few. The community and the mayor have been extremely supportive of the programs activities. Mayor Latham was on hand to proclaim the beginning of the Mariachi Festival 99 and has actively been involved in bring awareness to the importance of the program to the community.


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