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Global Artways

The Quality of Instruction and Participant Performance.

Global Artways, established in August 1997, is an arts education program for children and teens in music, dance, literature, visual art, theater, and film. Instructors for Global Art-ways bring excellent experience and qualifications to our students. Most have masters degrees in their fields of instruction. All have exceptional abilities in working with diverse populations. Instructors encourage excellence in participants performance by encouraging teaching processes that follow themes identified by the children dealing with community issues and personal expression such as, environment, family, self identification, racism, and their personal hopes, dreams and fears. They learn to recognize their potential as change makers through the study of art production, art history, art criticism, and aesthetics. In 1998, Global Artways was a semi-finalist in President Clinton’s "Coming Up Taller" Award. Children and teens art work are displayed throughout the community. Performance arts and films are viewed by the community through events at the Sorenson Multi-Cultural Center, Beacon Heights Elementary, the Jewish Community Center and the Gallivan Utah One Center.

Program Design and Creative Content.

The program is designed to encourage creativity, develop critical thinking and instill a love of learning while teaching basic art skills and methods. National and local advisory committees provide input to the director on current best practices in their field of expertise. In addition, the advisory boards also serve as advocates for the program. Classes include visual arts, theatre, music guitar, dance, photography, ceramics, and film making.

The Creativity of the Program's Approach to Engaging Youth Participants.

Global Artways is located in the Sorenson Multi-Cultural Center. Children, teens and their families come to the center to participate in athletics, swimming, boxing and computer literacy. The philosophy of the center is to holistically work with youth and their families. Children who come to participate in sports also sign up for arts classes. Program participants art work is displayed through out the building. Life size bronze sculptures created by children are installed outside the building and are visible to the community. They incorporate images of activities done at the center. Salt Lake School District offer access to Global Artways classes through their community schools program. Classes are offered in the schools through a partnership with the University of Utah's Art and Art History Department.

The Integration of Support Services, Prevention Strategies, and Child Development Components with Arts/performing Arts Programming.

All classes are designed to be age and ability appropriate. Along side the art form taught, instructors weave a non-violent values curriculum. Youth and children are educated in empathy, respect, responsibility and discipline. This prevention strategy has been found to divert children from violence and drug use.

Evidence That the Program Is Making a Positive Impact on the Attitudes and Development of Children and Youth Through Improved School Grades, Improved School Attendance, Increased Knowledge Regarding At-risk Behaviors, Etc.

In general crime rates and gang activity are down in the vicinity of the Sorenson Multi-cultural Center. In schools where arts instruction has occurred, absenteeism is low, juvenile court referrals are down and ACT test scores have risen. Lincoln Elementary, the original site for Global Artways 25th in the district for standardized test scores to 11". The principal, Sherianne Cotterell credits the arts program as the cause for these results. There has been less vandalism and graffiti at the schools where Global Artways classes are taught.

Role of the Mayor and City Government in this Program.

It was the vision of the Salt Lake City Mayor to redesign the City Recreation Department and become the Youth and Family Program Division. This was a catalyst for the Global Artways Program. Her far reaching ideals on youth and children have been instrumental in bringing this program to the entire city. The majority of Global Artways funding is from the city's general fund, as a result, the Public Service Department as well as the City Council sign off on all facets of the Program.

Demonstration of Community-wide Support And/or Involvement.

Global Artways has established strong partnerships with the Salt Lake City School District, the Salt Lake Public Library system and the Jewish Community center. Three public schools, three public libraries and two Jewish Community Center sites offer Global Artways classes in addition to the classes taught at the Sorenson Multi-Cultural Center.

A Description of Financing Mechanisms for the Program.

Please include general information about the financing provided by your city government as well as specific information about any other sources of funding.

Global Artways is sponsored Salt Lake City Corporation. The program center is located in the Sorenson Multi-Cultural Center, a property owned and maintained by the City. The majority of funding for the Global Artways program staff is paid by the Salt Lake City Corporation general fund. Additional funding comes from Weed and Seed grant funding. Community Development Block Grant funds, and donations and sponsorships of private foundations.


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