Mayor Edward G. Randolph, Jr.


1. Briefly describe your program.

The Alexandria Police Department is community oriented and committed to reducing crime through community involvement. Out of 156 officers approximately 50 officers work daily in non-emergency community relations. These officers participate in school demonstrations, tours, fun days and various school activities. When requested they are available at public functions with preference given to functions involving children. This commitment was designed by our current Police Chief, Thomas Cicardo in an effort to improve relations with all segments of culturally diverse community.

2. How do you measure the programís effectiveness?

The number of requests and the improved response from citizens measures the effectiveness of this commitment. The children in our community have gone from running from police officers to running to the officers. Our community-based officers receive as much attention from children as does the "Ice Cream Man".

3. How is the program financed?

Four of the five programs are funded through grants and local budgetary means. The fifth program, our Mounted Patrol Unit is totally funded through community support/ donations. Our community is involved because they feel they have an investment. The officers are no longer referred to as "Cops" but as "officers or my community police officer". This is good for the communities as well as the officers, because the officers personally know the people they are serving.

4. Contact person:

Sgt. Ethel W. Queen, Director of Planning and Research

Alexandria Police Department

515 Washington Street

Alexandria, LA 71301

(318) 449-5110, (318) 449-5196 Fax

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