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1. Briefly describe the structure of your programs.


The Omaha Police Department currently has two Explorer Programs. There is a larger over-all program city-wide which generally has approximately 30 members. The second

Explorer group is based out of North High School and has 10 - 15 members. The second group works directly with the North High School SRO.

The Explorers are taught numerous subjects; i.e., report writing, building searches, arrest techniques and radio procedures. This Program is designed to give students interested in criminal justice an opportunity to determine if police work is the right career path.


The Mc Gruff House Program is a national program, based out of Utah. This Program is designed to provide a safe haven for children who need emergency assistance. Residents of Omaha apply to be part of the Mc Gruff House Program. Record checks are completed on all adults who reside at their residence.

Those who pass the records check are given a sign to display in a front window, letting children know the house is a safe place to go if they need help. Omaha has over 1,000 Mc Gruff houses, making it the largest in the country.


TEAM Nebraska is a new comprehensive program designed to promote good citizenship, reduce drug usage and promote positive interaction between the police, students and the

over-all community. The K-6 program will be taught by uniformed police officers in five Omaha metropolitan area school districts. TEAM is an acronym - To Educate And Motivate and is the work of a metropolitan area-wide coalition of representatives from various organizations. The program, modeled after the TEAM Program developed in Spokane, Washington, consists of 14 lessons, 10 of which focus on drug prevention and resistance education. The goal of the new program is to "Support safe and drug free communities as we build personal responsibility in our young people."

2. How do you measure the programs’ effectiveness?

The evaluation of TEAM will begin in the 1998-99 school year. The purpose of this multi-year evaluation is to determine the following:

1. Does the TEAM program help to promote a good relationship between students and police officers?

2. Have students learned the material outlined in the course?

3. Based on what they’ve learned, can students make positive decisions?

3. Contact person:

Gail Braun

Grant Writer

Mayor’s Office

1819 Farnam Street, Ste 300

Omaha, Nebraska 68183

Ph: (402) 444-5286

Fax: (402) 444-6059

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