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1. Briefly describe the structure of your program.

The following prevention and after-school programs are in place by the Pawtucket Police Department.

A Crime Prevention officer went to all fifteen (15) city schools and conducted an internal and external security analysis. The analysis consisted of conducting a comprehensive security survey to identify organizational strengths and weaknesses of existing security operations and systems within Pawtucket schools. Its goal is to identify vulnerability and recommend a level of security protection in a cost-effective manner. The following are examples of what the security analysis entailed:

Physical Security: Evaluation of existing systems, geographical concerns, perimeter fencing and barriers, vehicle and pedestrian movement and parking controls, interior and exterior access controls, lighting systems, alarm systems, doors, locks, stairwells, closed circuit television systems, visitors and vendors control systems.

Operational Security: Evaluation of management methods & techniques, security records and communications methods, staffing concerns, existing security policies, regulations and procedures, emergency and disaster response procedures, guard force operations and procedures.

Besides the security survey the Pawtucket Police Department stationed officers for five (5) hours per week at both high schools. One hour before school and one hour upon dismissal. Principals and authorized staff have portable radios and communicate with the station should they need assistance.

The D.A.R.E. program in now in its Ninth (9) year and continues to be a successful program dedicated to the prevention of drug abuse and violence among school age children. The D.A.R.E. program is an intensive seventeen week program with teaching children the dangers of Drug abuse and shows consequences for making decisions. The program also helps to build self esteem and build confidence in young people. The program has immediate results and benefits to all citizens of this city.

Officers who have completed the national D.A.R.E. education training program teach the D.A.R.E. program. This program, services both public and private schools. The Officers also handle any other educational and safety requests from community centers, day care centers, preschoolers and after school care. Currently the officers are certified in the "Teens crime, and the community" program and have run successful programs throughout the city.

Currently officers instruct all sixth graders for the full seventeen-week D.A.R.E. Program. Officers also instruct grades four in a five-week program and grade two in a four-week program regarding safety issues. More than six hundred-fifty (650) sixth graders successfully completed the program and were rewarded with D.A.R.E. certificates and T-shirts.

In years past officers targeted the exit grades of all elementary schools. However, most elementary schools now classify the sixth grade as Jr. High School. Therefore, the elementary exit grade is now the fifth grade. As a result, all D.A.R.E. officers are trained in the new Jr. High School curriculum and will eventually roll out a new grade seven program. Officers also instruct grade three, in a supplemental five week program and the core program in grades five and six.

Safety Program: The School Safety Program is under the direction of the Community Police Unit of the Pawtucket Police Department. The School Safety Officer is responsible for assigning the adult crossing guards to their posts throughout the City. The Safety Officer also works with the Pawtucket School Department in monitoring all School Bus Stops throughout the City for all students and must remedy any problems as they arise to ensure the safety of these students. There are no reported accidents at the locations covered by crossing guards or junior police while they were on their posts.

The objective of the School Safety Program is to ensure that students arrive safely at school in the morning and home in the afternoon. There are currently 28 crossing guards. This year there are approximately 220 junior police assigned to the Pawtucket Police School Safety Patrol. They receive a training lecture by the School Safety officer or a Crossing guard assigned to their school.

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