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1. Briefly describe the structure of your program.

In 1990 the Parks, Recreation and Library Department established Kool Kids to partner with local businesses and national corporations to provide free swimming for disadvantaged youths in low-income neighborhoods. In its first season, sponsorships allowed seven pools to start the Kool Kids program. Contributions of $12,5000 allowed more than 25,000 youths under age 17 to enjoy free swimming. In the past eight years, Kool Kids has raised more than $730,000 in cash donations and has expanded to 22 of the City’s 28 pools. More than 1.5 million young people have enjoyed free swimming at City pools thanks to the Kool Kids Program.

For each dollar contributed to Kool Kids, two youths can enjoy an entire day of free swimming. Without this commitment and partnering with businesses, many of these youths would not be able to enjoy aquatic activities.

The Kool Kids success story can be directly tied to its multimedia support. The Kool Kids sponsorship package stresses the partnership benefits to prospective businesses. The program strives to tie the company’s image and goodwill to important at-risk youth issues that affect Phoenix communities.

Kool Kids provides outstanding opportunities for safe and healthy recreational activities that help in the development of mental, physical and social skills. Youths, especially teenagers, can be directed toward constructive activities and away from the pitfalls of boredom during the hot summer days.


City of Phoenix Parks, Recreation and Library Department


Doug Wenthe, Recreation Coordinator III


Phone: 602/262-6482

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