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1. Briefly describe the structure of your program.

The At Risk Youth Division Stop Crime Remove Urban Blight (SCRUB) Project began in 1995. It was originally developed to provide stiff, strict and supervised court-ordered community service for graffiti offenders. This program is for youths ages 13-17 and was expanded to included other status and misdemeanor offenses for many other offenses. Many youths have been adjudicated and placed on intensive or standard probation. Most youths are repeat offenders. However, youth with curfew and incorrigibility violations are given tougher consequences when they do not comply with diversion. The program goal is to provide tough consequences for the youths who are Court ordered into this program with the hope that it will act as a deterrent from future crime. Community service work sites are developed to help neighborhoods, police departments, and box fruits and vegetables for local food banks.

Project SCRUB gives youths that have court ordered community service an opportunity to be of service to Maricopa County residents by helping to restore communities. These youths give a tremendous push to Neighborhood Block Watch and Neighborhood Fight Back associations that are working to reclaim their neighborhoods. The program offers an educational component to give youths the tools they need to help them make better future choices. Classes offered include Power of Choice, Domestic Violence, Conflict Resolution, and Refusal and Decision Making Skills. These classes are offered weekly with a curriculum that alternates for a rotation of youth in and out of this program.

Project SCRUB works in collaboration with inner-city agencies such as the Police, Neighborhood Services, and Parks, Recreation and Library departments, and City Council offices. It is also involved with private agencies such as Arizona Clean and Beautiful, Arizona food banks, Neighborhood and Fight Back associations, and Phoenix Revitalization. Project SCRUB has been involved in most of the major neighborhood clean up efforts in the greater Phoenix area.

Each Project SCRUB participant is evaluated upon completion of community work hours. The evaluations help probation officers monitor behavior and attitudes of youths assigned to them.


City of Phoenix Parks, Recreation and Library Department


Pam Smith, Recreation Coordinator III


Phone: 602/262-7370

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