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1. Briefly describe the structure of your program.

The following is a description of the program we have been involved in, Preventing Teen Dating Violence a Three-Session Curriculum for Teaching Adolescents. The Teen Dating Violence Prevention Program educates young people about domestic violence and teen dating violence and provides them with skills to help them avoid destructive behavior. The program targets students in the middle schools and the high schools.

The program is structured in five, one hour blocks that can be delivered in health classes as part of the regular school curriculum. The program is intended to be taught by two-member teams made up of a police officer and an educator. The ideal team consists of a male teacher and a female officer , the reverse of the common stereotype. Together, they can model respectful behavior and effectively deal with the issues of gender role stereotyping.

Police administrators choose officers for the program based on their demonstrated sensitivity to the issues of domestic violence, as well as for their field experience, performance in training and role playing, and teaching ability. The immediate foal of the program is to give the officers and educators a visible, proactive role in preventing violence. The ultimate goal is to reduce violence in intimate relationships.

2. When was the program created and why?

The program was created in 1993. We felt that the violent incidents were occurring but were not being reported by the your adults. There was a need for educating them as to what violence was and to train them on what to do if the situation involved one of them, or a friend. The statistics show that the incidents of violence are down but there is still a need to go on with the education and training.

3. How is the program financed?

It is funded by a federal grant obtained by the school department.

4. Contact person:

Office of the Mayor Lt. Thomas Malvesti

1305 Hancock Street Supervisor of the Community Service Unit

Quincy, MA 02169 Quincy Police Department

(617) 376-1990

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