Mayor Howard W. Peak


1. Briefly describe the structure of your program.

Community based groups started by the community for community outreach. The district is divided into four quadrants surrounding the four middle schools. The established task force is comprised of all segments of the community (i.e. churches, businesses, law enforcement, etc.).

2. When was the program created and why?

The program was created in December 1996 due to a concern about violent activity expressed by parents to the Interim Superintendent. Adults were charged with protecting the children. The task force was then established.

3. How do you measure the programís effectiveness?

Feedback after "neighborhood blockwalk" and level of participation by the community are indicators of effectiveness.

4. How is the program financed?

The program is funded by local school district seed money for community outreach, local monetary contributions from area businesses, and in-kind contributions.

5. How is the community involved in the program?

The first "neighborhood blockwalk" was held in March of 1997, the second in November of 1997, the third in the Spring of 1998, and the fourth is scheduled for the Fall or 1998. Each has included 500 or more participants. Town hall meetings are also periodically scheduled surrounding pertinent issues.

6. Contact person:

Virginia Aguilar

Director of Special Programs

Harlandale ISD District Office

102 Genevieve

San Antonio, TX 78214-2997

Ph: (210) 921-4369

Fax: (210) 921-4480

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