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1. Briefly describe the structure of your program.

The San Antonio Independent School District uses multiple programs to address the concerns of violence in the schools. Some of these programs include:

School Police Officers. This program stations two officers at each high school and one officer at every middle school. These officers work very closely with the students to not only enforce the law, but also to act as role models and offer support. The students trust the officers and feel comfortable speaking with them about issues in their lives.

Drug and Violence Education (DAVE). Used in grades K-8, this program teaches students about the dangers of drugs and violence. This is a specialized curriculum provided by the Texas Education Agency.

ROPES. Used at the alternative schools, this program teaches students physical skills, thereby promoting self-esteem and confidence.

Peer Mediation/Conflict Resolution is used at various schools throughout the district.

This program uses studentís peers to mediate disputes. This teaches students that talking is a better way to work through their problems.

Boys Town is a discipline management model that teaches self-responsibility and control. It is used at alternative schools.

2. Contact person:

Carol Green

Student Support Network

1702 North Alamo

San Antonio, TX 78215

Ph: (210) 271-3124

Fax: (210) 271-3169

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