Mayor Judith Valles


1. Briefly describe the structure of your program.

PeaceBuilders is a proactive approach to reducing youth violence and gang participation. The program uses research-based procedures and techniques proven to be effective to change child behavior to become more resilient, thereby reducing the chances of gang involvement and drug use. The overall vision of PeaceBuilders is to create a shift in the community culture where positive reinforcement and peaceful interaction become the norm. 28 of the 42 City elementary schools are participants in the PeaceBuilders program.

The purpose of the PeaceCite is to reinforce positive behaviors and characteristics in youth. The citations help model, spread and promote examples of youth as successful role models in the community. This raises the standard of conduct in our schools and community.

Officers or other governmental personnel will issue PeaceCites to school age children who are observed doing the right thing. If any officer "catches" a child applying one or more of the principles taught in PeaceBuilders in public that officer would issue the PeaceCite in recognition of the child’s good deed. Copies of the citation will be given to the child, the child’s school, and to the Department coordinator. The child would then receive recognition at a school assembly attended by Area command personnel. Three elementary schools have by chosen by San Bernardino City Unified School District as the beta testing sites for PeaceCite.


    • Targets potential high-risk youth at an impressible age.
    • Builds and reinforce trust and respect between officers and youth.
    • Provides official recognition for youth involved in positive community activity.
    • Creates a sense of community pride, involvement and commitment.
    • Portrays law enforcement professionals in a positive supportive role.
    • Creates a mentoring situation, which would allow further value reinforcement.

2. How is the community involved in the program?

Non-law enforcement people; e.g. firemen, teachers, Parks & Recreation employees, business people, could be involved. Youth who would deserve special recognition could be acknowledged in the newspaper or at City Council meetings with a certificate. Donations could be obtained from businesses, e.g. movie passes, certificates for fast food, for special recognition of a significant accomplishment.

3. Contact person:

Michael Kinsman

Investigations Lieutenant

San Bernardino Police Department

710 North "D" Street

San Bernardino, CA 92401

(909) 384-5615

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