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1. Briefly describe the structure of your program.

The City of San Leandro recently implemented a before and after-school recreation program entitled Kids Club. Kids Club is offered at all San Leandro elementary school sites, operating from 7 a.m. until school begins and after school until 6 p.m. The program consists of daily homework time (with tutoring help available), arts and crafts and self-esteem building activities, organized athletic events and board games. For the school year 1998 – 99, we have expanded this program to include all three middle schools in San Leandro. This program will be structured toward the needs and wants of the early teenager and will be entitled Teen Prime Time. Kids Club is designed to accommodate working parents by providing their children with a fun, inexpensive and safe environment.

2. When was the program created and why?

The Kids Club Program was created to address the nationwide problem of youth violence activity during the time that "latch key" children are left unattended in or out of the home after school. The kids Club program provides San Leandro youth with fun and safe after-school alternatives during the time that they are most vulnerable to crime. It also provides extended hours to accommodate the needs of working parents. This fun The Kids Club Program began in March 1998.

3. How do you measure the program’s effectiveness?

The Kids Club Program is evaluated in four ways:

1. All parents are provided with the attached evaluation form at least twice a year.

2. The Principal at each school site is provided with the attached evaluation form each year and contacted periodically to solicit their input on improving the program.

3. The City employs two program supervisors that visit the sites on a regular basis to evaluate all aspects of the program, including program content, state of the facility and equipment and effectiveness of employees.

4. Staff is also in constant contact with the participants themselves to see what changes they would like to the program.

4. How is the program financed?

The Kids Club Program is a fee-based activity with an approximate cost of $1.00 per hour. Reduced rates are available for those families that qualify.

5. How is the community involved in the program?

Each school site is asked to provide as many volunteer parent hours as they can. These volunteers can work full days or just a portion of a day. City staff is also researching the idea of fund-raisers to provide the children with free or reduced- cost field trips.

6. What are major lessons learned from the program?

We have learned many lessons that others could hopefully benefit from:

1. The success of the Kids Club Program is based on teamwork between the City, the San Leandro Unified School District, the Principals and school staff.

2. Communication between all groups is essential for this program to flourish.

3. All of the groups involved must be able to give some input on staff, the hours of the program and daily activities.

4. Keep your program as affordable as possible, while at the same time providing a high quality activity.

7. Contact person:

Michael J. McCarty

Program Manager

City of San Leandro


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