Mayor Michael Sean Markey


1. Briefly describe the structure of the program.

The City of Thousand Oaks (CA) Police Department’s Community Oriented Policing & Problem Solving Unit, in conjunction with the Conejo Recreation and Parks District, facilitate a highly dynamic program called the "Parent Project." It is a community based program focused on changing destructive adolescent behavior. This program is a way to help modify destructive adolescent behavior, and is a program anyone can offer parents of difficult or out of control children to help them change behavior.

2. When was the program created and why?

The Parent Project is a comprehensive and award winning model for community based programs serving high risk families. At the heart of the Parent Project is a parent training program designed specifically for parents with difficult or out of control adolescent children. Changing Destructive Adolescent Behavior is the only parenting skills program of its kind which focuses on the most destructive of adolescent behaviors. The program is directed to the parents of adolescents, as it is the parents who are children’ most influential teachers. The curriculum is designed to meet what research indicates are the three things parents need to change destructive adolescent behavior: desire, specific information and skills, and emotional and practical support.

The Parent Project is 10 weeks in length, available in both English and Spanish and the curriculum is divided into two parts:

Part I: Laying the foundation for change consists of six activity based instructional units.

Part II: Changing Behavior and Rebuilding Family Relationships consists of 5 topics focused on parent support group sessions.

3. How do you measure the program’s effectiveness?

The program is only 6 months old in the Thousand Oaks community. However, we have taught parents of notorious gang members and parents with children who are extremely out of control. Most parents report significant positive changes in their child’s behavior by the end of the ten week course.

4. How is the program financed?

Currently, the Parent Project is funded by the City of Thousand Oaks. Parents are childrens’ most influential teacher. Once parents have the information and get the needed support to help them bring discipline into their home, parents can change their children’s behavior. We feel that the parents are the key component in influencing proper adolescent behavior.

5. Contact person:

Senior Deputy Ed Tumbleson, (805)494-8244

or, Parent Project, Inc.

2848 Longhorn St. Ontario, CA 91761 (909)923-7372.

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