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1. Briefly describe the structure of your program.

The Casa Grande Police Department assigns one POST certified police officer to the single local High School, and one officer to the single local Jr. High School. The officers are assigned full time to those campuses, and leave only in case of emergency. Their focus is to remain as visible as possible to students and faculty, and to handle any and all police matters on campus, including being available for advise, and conflict resolution in both formal and informal settings. The officers are also trained that they are in some aspects seen as role models, and must incorporate appropriate actions and responses in their daily duties.

2. When was the program created and why?

Our program was created prior to the fall semester of 1994. It was in response to an apparent increase in on campus violence which included fights, weapons brought to schools, and an actual shooting on the campus of the High School. The High School District, the Elementary School District (Jr. High) and the Police Department shared the same concerns, and the program evolved out of discussions on how to address the problems being faced.

3. How do you measure the programís effectiveness?

Statistical data on campus violence is maintained and reviewed on an annual basis. Both School systems review the program and approve it on an annual basis also. The goals have been to show a decrease in school violence, and provide a safer more peaceful environment more conducive to the educational objectives of the particular school. Statistics, along with School Board, City Council, and School and Police Department Staff reviews seem to indicate that those goals are being realized.

4. How is the program financed?

The programs are financed through a joint effort of the City Government, and the two School systems. Because the schools are only in session for nine months out of the year, the schools pick up one half of the nine month cost of a full time officer. The formulated end result cost is one third the total annual cost of the officer is paid by the school system, and the city pays the remaining two thirds.

5. How is the community involved in the program, if at all. How has the community responded to the program?

The community is not directly involved in the program, but can influence the program through contact with either School Board, the City Council, and either Schoolís Staff, or the Police Departmentís Staff. Overall the communityís support of the programs have been excellent, with no complaints directed at the actual program.

6. Contact person:

Lt. Robert Huddleston

Patrol Division Commander

Acting Chief of Police

Casa Grande Police Department

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