Mayor R.J. "Hank" Thompson


1. Briefly describe the structure of your program.

A School Resource Officer is a certified police officer who is assigned to a particular high school. The officer has specialized duties within the school and works to achieve a rapport with students, teachers and administrators. The officer provides immediate response to illegal activities occurring on campus and building security from unwanted visitors and trespassers. The SRO also instructs courses in such areas as illegal substance abuse, law enforcement training, constitutional law and social sciences. The SRO also monitors student activity in the school parking lot before and after school.

The SRO should provide students with a positive role model through one on one contact during the school day. The officer should be available to assist other professionals within the school system, with specific areas of need by students, teachers, parents and other citizens in the community. Duties include - to act as community police officer, advisor and teacher; to promote the student, officer, and teacher through positive feedback and reinforcement; to uphold local, county, and state regulations; to provide a safe and stable working environment for students and teachersí to attend extracurricular activities, parent-teacher conferences, and faculty meetings.


2. When was the program created and why?

The program began in 1994. Before the program was begun the police department would get numerous calls from the high school. After a resource officer began working at the school, the first three months there were no calls at all. The remainder of the time there were very few problems as compared to what existed before the program.

3. How is the program financed?

Salary is paid by the County School Board Funds.

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