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The Hillsboro Police Department in collaboration with the Hillsboro School District and the Hillsboro Boys and Girls Club developed the Hillsboro Youth Mediation Program using funds provided through a Local Law Enforcement Block Grant. The Police Department provided the trainers and facility for youth mediation training for seven pilot schools. The elementary and middle schools chosen to participate selected four students and those teachers or counselors which would coordinate each school’s peer mediation group to attend the two-day offsite training. The skills taught included listening, paraphrasing, and questioning. The Hillsboro Boys and Girls Club staff also attended this training in preparation for future implementation of these skills to club kids. After completing the training a Certificate of Completion and a photo ID card was presented to each student by the Hillsboro Chief of Police.

An additional aspect of the Hillsboro Youth Mediation Program is the Youth Conflict Hotline. The Hillsboro Police Department in partnership with the Hillsboro Boys and Girls Club established a voice mailbox available to the public to call in any conflicts related to youth. This voice mail is checked daily by teens at the Boys and Girls Club and reviewed with the support of the Hillsboro Youth Liaison Officer stationed at the club. Any appropriate calls are then referred to mediators or to other more appropriate resources. Middle school youth are available to deliver mediation services to any Hillsboro area youth conflicts and are always accompanied by an adult volunteer mediator available for consultation, but not there as an active participant.

Contact person:

Patti Williams, Police Staff Assistant

Hillsboro Police Department, 205 SE 2nd Street, Hillsboro, OR 97123

Phone: 503-681-6491 FAX: 503-681-6107.

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