Mayor John A. Delaney


1. Briefly describe the structure of your program.

The School Resource Office Program places a certified Police Officer in every public middle and high school in Jacksonville/Duval County (42). The School Resource Officer strives to ensure safety on school campuses through Crime Prevention, Intervention, and Enforcement.

2. When was the program created and why?

The School Resource Officer Program was initiated in August 1994, by placing six Police Officers in 6 inner city schools to deal with increasing violence and gang activity within the schools.

3. How do you measure the program’s effectiveness?

The Program is continually evaluated by the School Board, and Sheriff’s Office personnel by quality control measurements, and statistical analysis studies.

4. How is the program financed?

The School Resource Officer Program is a cooperative effort between the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, and the Duval County School Board. The School Board provides 60% of program finances while the Sheriff’s Office provides 40%.

5. How is the community involved in the program. How has the community responded to the program?

Community involvement is primarily through parental/student interaction with the School Resource Officer at the assigned school, and school / community based activities (P.T.A. meetings, etc.) in which the School Resource Officer is involved. Community feedback, measured by interview, and questionnaire, have been very favorable concerning the program.

6. Contact person:

Martin P. Garris, Chief of Community Affairs

Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office

501 East Bay Street

Jacksonville, Florida 32202

Phone: (904) 630-2160; Fax: (904) 630-1751

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