Mayor James A. Sheets

Honorable Mention
The City of Quincy and Browning-Ferris Industries A Quincy 2000" Economic Development Partnership

The City of Quincy and Browning-Ferris Industries (BFI) have a long history of partnership and cooperation. As a charter member of the City of Quincy's model private non-profit economic development agency . The Quincy 2000 Corporation . BFI recognizes and actively supports the kind of innovative and successful public/private partnerships that generate significant private resources to meet public needs.

Shortly after taking office in 1991, Quincy Mayor James Sheets worked closely with business and community leaders to draft legislation establishing Quincy 2000 as a development corporation. Mayor Sheets recognized that in a city with two-year mayoral terms, a private non-profit agency would provide continuity to the development process, transcend changing City administrations, and provide cost savings to Quincy.

Quincy 2000 is governed by a board of directors comprised of representatives of small and large businesses, such as BFI, labor unions, and City government. The board establishes policy, and the implementation of that policy is guided by a full-time executive director and staff and assisted by numerous volunteer committees. Its wide-ranging plan of action for economic development includes business loans and grants, commercial building renovations, commercial district master planning, technical assistance for small businesses and entrepreneurs, and real estate development projects.

Since its creation, Quincy 2000 has grown steadily into a true public/private partnership with annual membership dues to fund its operating budget now being paid by 230 businesses, labor unions, and individuals. The City of Quincy, in addition, provides annual funding for specific economic development programs through the federal Community Development Block Grant program. BFI is proud that it has continually been at or near the top level of dues-paying member companies.

Quincy 2000 has become a model economic development partnership which has been replicated in cities and towns throughout the region . Brockton, Massachusetts and Cranston, Rhode Island, among them. Its successful formula of innovative economic development initiatives has been shared by Mayor Sheets with several communities both in the area and across the country.

Quincy 2000 is one of many successful public/private partnerships between the City of Quincy and Browning-Ferris Industries which promote a win-win environment in which community needs are met, quality of life is improved, and business interests prosper. Other examples include: School-Business Partnerships which provide capital resources and learning opportunities for Quincy's schoolchildren; First Night Quincy, which attracts over 10,000 individuals to a family-oriented, alcohol-free New Year's celebration; Cleaner/Greener Quincy, which results in significant maintenance of, and investment in, City park and open space; and Quincy Family Day, an outdoor festival celebrating the City's history and culture.