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Mayor Joseph C. Scarpelli

Brick Municipal Alliance Committee Against Drug and Alcohol Abuse

One of the greatest threats to the education of our children and the vitality of our community today is drug and alcohol abuse. Drug and alcohol abuse deny our children the benefits of education and deprive them of the opportunity to learn and achieve. When we speak of education, we must include drug and alcohol abuse education as well. All of the education in the world is of no use to someone who is abusing drugs and alcohol. The Township of Brick has developed a program to combat drug and alcohol abuse through education: the Brick Municipal Alliance Committee Against Drug and Alcohol Abuse.

B-MACADA is the Brick Township element of a larger, multi--governmental drug and alcohol prevention education effort which includes state and county agencies. Operating primarily within Brick Township, B-MACADA works in conjunction with a number of community organizations to provide drug and alcohol abuse educational programs. It also helps coordinate community efforts and pool community resources. Organizations involved with B-MACADA include the Brick Township Board of Education, the Brick Elks, the Brick Township Police Department, the Police Athletic League, and various local businesses.

B-MACADA sponsors a number of programs designed to combat drug and alcohol abuse. These include the "Proud To Be Me" after-school program for at-risk middle school students which is operated in conjunction with the Board of Education. Another is the "Teen Alliance Peer Leadership" program which utilizes high school students as peer counselors and mentors for other high school and middle school students.

B-MACADA sponsors a number of Community Outreach programs, including educational seminars on various drug and alcohol abuse issues, a monthly newsletter, the Adopt-A-Grandparent/Grandchild program, and a half-hour television show on local access cable television. B-MACADA also maintains an alcohol, tobacco, and drug abuse resource center/library for use by Brick Township residents..

Contact: Alysa Fornarotto, B-MACADA Coordinator, (908) 262-1074

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