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Mayor Anthony Masiello

Community Schools

With an investment of $550,000, Mayor Anthony Masiello is expanding the city's Community Schools program, an action aimed at greatly enhancing the academic performance of students.

Community Schools grew out of a recognition that fundamental needs of children and families must be met to improve students' abilities to learn and achieve. Issues including poverty, high crime rates, and parents who lack high school degrees and/or do not speak English lead to the inability to access after-school activities due to safety concerns, and a lack of parental involvement in the child's education. Community Schools offer a wide range of services on-site during the school day, after school, on weekends, and in the summer. These settings blend education and provision of services to students, their families and the neighborhood. Mayor Masiello's initiative successfully applies a unique and unusual approach to address the intricacies of urban living through Community Schools.

The Mayor's vision is to create a climate for positive change in the school that will result in the stabilization of the community as a whole. As a result of this massive collaborative venture, the Mayor expects schools to be safe and secure environments where neighbors will see improved student achievement, expanded parental involvement in the schools, and easy access to services needed by families.

Contact: Amy R. Prentiss, (716) 851-4042

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