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Valley High School Community Gymnasium

The City of Dublin is currently served by one school district, the Dublin Unified School District. The District operates three elementary schools, one middle school, one high school and one continuation high school.

In 1989, the city and the school district entered into a joint facility use/improvement agreement which established a basis for cooperative use of their respective recreational and educational facilities. The agreement also provided for city-funded improvements to enhance school properties, with a resulting benefit to both the schools and the community. As a result of the agreement, community use of school facilities increased, the high school reinstated a swim program utilizing the city's pool, and improvements were made to the Dublin High School football stadium and playgrounds at three grade schools.

With people going elbow to elbow for floor space at the city's two gymnasiums, the city and the school district once again joined together to identify options to address the lack of available gym space. At the urging of Dublin Mayor Guy S. Houston, a community task force was appointed to study and make recommendations on community facilities needs in Dublin for both school and community use. At the same time, the City/District Liaison Committee (comprised of the Mayor and one City Council member and the school board president and one school board member) was meeting to discuss how the problem could be addressed to the satisfaction and benefit of both the city and the school district.

After public hearings revealed that additional athletic facilities were what the community wanted, the community task force made a community gymnasium its top priority.

The next step, to identify a location and funding source for the community gymnasium, was relatively simple. The District had planned to build a small multipurpose room at Valley Continuation High School using proceeds from a bond issue that voters re-authorized two years ago. To accommodate community use, the gym was expanded and sized to accommodate a full size basketball court, two half-court basketball courts, one full-size volleyball court and two half-court volleyball courts, along with bleacher seating for up to 400 spectators. And, because Valley High students will use the facility only during the day (the school doesn't offer after--school athletics) the gymnasium will be turned over to the city for afternoon, evening and weekend use for city and community activities.

Under the terms of the project agreement, the Dublin Unified School District will finance the $2 million needed to build the new gymnasium. The gym will be financed from the bond issue which can only be used for capital construction. In turn, the City of Dublin will pay for day-to-day upkeep of the new facility which is expected to cost as much as $70,000 each year. The funds that the district will save on operational costs can be put back into the educational programs of the district.

This ongoing partnership between the city and the school district represents an innovative and cooperative approach to enhancing and expanding educational and recreational opportunities available to the residents of the community.

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