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Our City Our Children

"Our City Our Children," co-sponsored by the City of Fort Worth and the Fort Worth Independent School District, is an initiative that encourages Fort Worth citizens to pledge to do "one more thing" for the children and youth of Fort Worth. This unique partnership was initiated by then-Mayor of Fort Worth, Kay Granger, and the Fort Worth Independent School District Board President, Gary Manny. The program consists of an open-ended format, allowing citizens, organizations and businesses to decide what "one more thing" they can do to affect the lives of children and youth. Interestingly, many of the pledges made to Our City Our Children provide resources to the local school system.

One extraordinary example of citizen involvement in the school district is a new after-school program for kindergarten-through-fifth-grade children in a low-performing school. The program, Stone Soup Connection, used the leverage of Our City Our Children to build its partnerships with individuals, organizations and businesses in the school neighborhood. Pledges made by more than 75 individuals and more than 25 businesses, civic groups, churches and neighborhood organizations have enabled more than 130 students at one Fort Worth elementary school to have daily after-school activities like gardening, tutoring, gymnastics, and computer learning.

Motorola is one of the many corporations that have made pledges to Our City Our Children. Motorola pledged to donate $24,000 worth of environmental curriculum to the Fort Worth ISD for its sixth graders. Businesses like Motorola have acknowledged that it is in their best interest to invest in the future workforce.

Many of the citizens who got involved in the program actually made a pledge to get involved in some of the school districts' existing programs. Several individuals, organizations, and businesses chose to participate in the Fort Worth ISD Adopt-A-School Program, and in some cases the pledgers adopted several schools. In addition, several pledges targeted the Fort Worth ISD's Vital Link Program, resulting in hundreds of volunteer hours directed toward linking students with professionals in the business world. Many more pledges were devoted to tutoring and mentoring students in the Fort Worth ISD. The pledges made to Our City Our Children range from reading to one's own children to mentoring at a school 10 hours a week.

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