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Mayor Richard Hartmann

City/School Partnership

The City of Kettering and the Kettering/Moraine City Schools have enjoyed an extremely friendly and cooperative relationship during the past five years. Building that relationship had been a campaign promise of Mayor Richard Hartmann. This enhanced relationship between the city and schools has resulted in significant savings to both organizations and subsequently to the taxpayers who they mutually serve. Among the cooperative efforts are:

Shared Use of Facilities -- The use of parking lots at Fairmont High School for the city's Fraze Pavilion, a 4,500-seat outdoor amphitheater, and at Kettering Middle School for the Kettering Recreation Complex have resulted in substantial savings to the City of Kettering. The shared maintenance responsibilities save school district money as well. In 1996, the city and schools will share the cost of resurfacing a lot at Kettering Middle School -- a parking lot used by the school and by users of one of the city's parks.

While the city and schools have long shared in the use and maintenance of balls fields, in recent years this use has been expanded to include the use of the varsity field at the high school and soccer fields at one of the elementary schools.

Support for School Levies -- The City Council has supported all school levies since 1990. The schools supported the city's renewal of its 3.5-mill levy. And city staff members served on the school district's Strategic Planning/Community Planning Process teams during 1994.

Parks and Recreation -- The city's Rosewood Arts Centre and Kettering Recreation Complex and the school district's adult school attempt to coordinate programs in order to avoid duplication. With the city offering about 1,250 classes per year and the adult school offering 220 classes per year, the opportunity for duplication is significant. The city uses the adult school -- rather than a private sector business -- for staff computer training, saving the city money and generating profits for the schools.

Rosewood Arts Centre is a 39,000-square-foot arts facility that offers more than 250 classes for all ages in music, theater, dance, painting, pottery, weaving, woodworking and the humanities. The centre belongs to the school district and is maintained and staffed by the City of Kettering.

Traffic Engineering -- The city and the schools jointly finance the school safety program which includes a safety village for incoming kindergartners, in-school safety classes for various grades and school safety patrol.

Equipment and Purchasing -- The city and school have sought opportunities to jointly purchase and swap equipment. During the a 1996 blizzard, city crews helped clear the access to the schools' bus garage and cleared pedestrian routes to schools.

Much of the cooperation between the city and schools is attitudinal. Still, there has been a clear direction established by the Mayor -- through the City Council -- that the city and schools are to make every effort to cooperate and find opportunities to save money. The staffs of the two organizations appreciate that direction and have enthusiastically pursued it.

Contact: Office of the Mayor, (513) 296-2416

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