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Mayor Walter Moore

Youth Activities Bulletin

Year after year both parents and youth in the City of Pontiac wonder what will be available for young people during the summer. There has never been a consolidated effort to address this feeling of boredom. Often, youth hear about activities after the deadline for enrollment and are unable to participate until the following year. Additionally, most of the advertising is geared toward summer employment in which younger adolescents cannot participate.

In an effort to address this need, the City of Pontiac included a youth activities bulletin in the city's quarterly newsletter. This bulletin includes employment opportunities, church activities, city recreation programs and non-profit agency activities. A letter requesting information is sent to all churches, local area non-profits, schools and coalitions. The city askes for the name of the sponsoring body, the contact person's name, location of the activity, whether there is a fee, age requirements, registration deadlines, activity dates, and a brief description of the activity.

The cost of this effort in only the fees for the additional pages added to the regular newsletter.

Contact: Karen Cain, (810) 857-7617

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