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Mayor Ellen M. Corbett

School/Library Link Program

Now more than ever, public schools face financial burdens which continuously limit the availability of information and resources needed by students. In response to our city's economically challenged public school system, the City of San Leandro is in the process of creating a school library link program in which the city will provide the necessary computer equipment to hook-up elementary, middle, and high school libraries to the city library. By using the city's capital improvement program savings, the city will establish a computer link that will provide all schools with direct access to the San Leandro Library's on-line catalog of all library materials, an on-line dictionary, events and organizations listings, local newspaper indexes, and other vital community information. Additionally, students will be able to reserve books from any school location. This joint venture equips students with supplementary tools and resources that cannot be furnished by our schools, provides needed computer experience and research skills during a booming information age, and more importantly, encourages youth to explore and learn more about their community.

The city plans to implement the School/Library Link program over a three-year period. Each year, as funding becomes available, the city will "hook-up" a specified number of schools. The City of San Leandro is especially proud of this creative, cooperative effort as it provides students an opportunity to access valuable information, assists schools in improving the quality and relevance of education, and helps to bring educators, youth and the community together.

Contact: Office of the Mayor, (510) 577-3355

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