Best Practices - Vol. IV

Mayor Fred Hanna

Curb the Clutter

In May of 1996 Mayor Fred Hanna inaugurated a Curb the Clutter program to help combat litter on City streets. He challenged local groups and individuals to "adopt" a street and pledge to pick up litter at least four times a year. After the first clean-up, the City erects a sign saying, for example, "This street kept litter-free by employees of Merrill-Lynch".

To begin, City sanitation workers compiled a list of what they considered the City's 25 most neglected streets, but volunteers were also permitted to select their own streets for clean-up. Schools and church groups, for instance, often picked streets nearby.

The City provides safety vests for volunteers, distributes safety leaflets to each group, and provides bags for both trash and recyclable materials. City employees also arrange with volunteers on the locations for litter pickup.

The City celebrated the first anniversary of the program with a news conference May 8 where the Mayor presented certificates of appreciation to organizations and individuals who have adopted streets. Mayor Hanna says he considers the Curb the Clutter program a big success. So far, more than 30 groups and individuals have adopted a City street, and new volunteers sign up regularly.

Contact: Phyllis Rice, Assistant to the Mayor, (501) 575-8330

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