Best Practices - Vol. IV

Mayor Mary Lib Saleh

Arbor Daze

The true spirit of volunteerism thrives in the City of Euless during its annual family festival, Arbor Daze. In its eighth year, the three-day festival hosted over 150,000 people who participated in such activities as musical concerts, a business exposition, an arts and craft show, a plant sale, and a carnival. Arbor Daze began in 1989 with 150 people joining the City as it made a commitment to beautify and improve the environment by planting 50,000 trees by the year 2000 (one tree per resident). Each year, 10,000 trees are given away at the Arbor Daze festival which provides citizens the opportunity to plant trees in their yards, around businesses and local schools. As residents realized the City's true commitment to this beautification project, residents joined together and made a commitment to help the City reach this goal by volunteering at the Arbor Daze festival.

As the festival has grown from 150 to 150,000 people, the support and volunteer spirit of Euless residents has also grown by leaps and bounds. Over 200 residents volunteered their time and efforts during the 1997 festival, working in ticket sales, souvenir sales and information booths. Senior Citizens used their time and talents to bundle tree saplings that would be delivered to local schools and used at the Arbor Daze festival. Citizens' commitment to the City is evident in the countless hours spent volunteering for the annual festival. They are always willing to "jump in" wherever they are needed, whether it be directing traffic or bundling trash.

In addition to Euless residents volunteering, the Euless Apartment Managers Association also volunteers during the festival to assist the Euless Police Department. The apartment managers work in a KidCare booth which fingerprints and photographs children for the Police Department's files. This booth is very popular with local residents and the apartment managers enjoy volunteering their time to not only benefit the children but also to assist the police. Schools also join the community in volunteering with students manning booths to raise funds for their school field trips and other events. This allows children of all ages to work with the community while benefiting not only their school programs but the City in which they live as well.

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