Mayor J. Christian Bollwage

Mayor Supports Public Health Nurses and Others for Outreach

Realizing that the resources of the city government could be brought to bear upon breast cancer, Mayor Christian Bollwage encouraged the Elizabeth City Health Department to collaborate with local health service agencies to create a comprehensive anti-breast cancer initiative. This program brings education, prevention, and screening to each sector of the population through the following components.

Public Health Nurses

The city. s public health nurses educate women of all ages about breast cancer. They go into public and private schools to teach young women about breast cancer prevention, instructing them in performing breast self-examinations. Public health nurses are also available to lecture at local civic organization meetings. Most importantly, the nurses spend time at local senior citizens centers and housing complexes to educate those women who are at the greatest risk for breast cancer.

City Employees

The city promotes proper prevention screening for its employees and their families. In addition to the educational services offered all year, free mammograms are also available to city personnel and their families.

Countywide Events

As a member of the Union County Breast Cancer Task Force, the city participates in several American Cancer Society events, including National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Additionally, the city supports the Task Force. s education and screening program for the medically underserved, with Elizabeth. s public health nurses bringing prevention information to this population. An annual Women. s Health Conference highlights several issues senior women must face, and the city helps to run this event.


Through collaboration with several agencies, the City of Elizabeth has been able to broaden its breast cancer prevention program and provide the best possible service to its residents. However, the city will continue to strive for new and innovative ways of assisting residents and employees in preventing this disease.

Contact: Estella R. Pulsfort, Director of Public Health Nursing, Elizabeth City Health Department, 908/820-4246.

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