Mayor Arlene J. Mulder

Promoting Breast Cancer Awareness through the Health Fair and Mother's Day

The Village of Arlington Heights added breast screening awareness and prevention to the annual Health Fair, which in 1999 was hosted at the Arlington Heights Memorial Library on October 16. As in .the past, this event also included screening, education, and testing for cholesterol, blood pressure, blood glucose, vision and hearing as well as influenza vaccination. Almost 600 people attended the fair, and during the month of October a total .of 2,038 women in Arlington Heights received mammograms at the Northwest Community Hospital.

Follow-Up and Treatment

While the Village of Arlington promotes breast cancer awareness extensively, it does no screening. Therefore, at the 1999 Health Fair a women’s health representative from Northwest Community Hospital provided appropriate referrals to either:

(1) Northwest Community Hospital .for those women with insurance .or medicare; or

(2) Cook County Department of Public Health for those without coverage.

The latter agency provides extensive screening to uninsured, underinsured, or low-income citizens. Both the hospital and the county health department deal with follow-up for women with suspicious conditions and treatment for those who are diagnosed .with breast cancer.

Capitalizing on the Month of May

October is a difficult month in which to give breast cancer detection the focus it deserves. During this period, breast cancer must also compete with osteoporosis and influenza prevention. As a result, the Village of Arlington Heights has decided to dedicate the month of May to breast cancer awareness, detection, and prevention. This month was chosen because there is heightened awareness of women’s issues in May due to Mother’s Day.

Breast Cancer affects everyone, not just women. This disease also significantly affects any male with a wife, mother, or .sister. The Village of Arlington Heights enthusiastically supports Mayor Mulder’s campaign to heighten awareness and .prevention of breast cancer.

For more information, please contact:

Mary Sterrenberg,
Supervising Nurse
Village of Arlington Heights
telephone: 847/577-5626