Mary Lib Saleh

Mayor Supports Harris Methodist HEB Hospital Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

As Chairman of the Board of Trustees .for Harris Methodist HEB Hospital, .Mayor Saleh gives her full backing to the institutionís breast cancer awareness activities. The hospital is a leading health care facility in North Texas and operates on the premise that early detection is one of the best preventions for breast cancer. To this end, Harris Methodist HEB Hospital took the lead for the Hurst/Euless/Bedford area .in promoting October as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM) and October 15 as National Mammography Day.

In promoting NBCAM, Harris Methodist HEB Hospital called on surrounding .communities and its own employees to .communicate the awareness message. .To accomplish this, during the month of October the hospital drew upon educational resources from Doris Kupferle Breast Center as well as other community agencies.


Emphasis was placed upon the American Cancer Societyís Tell-A-Friend campaign, .a program that calls for a woman to telephone five of her friends to tell them about the importance of early detection through mammograms for women over 40 and breast self-examinations for all ages. Harris Methodist HEB Hospital recruited 10 team leaders and asked them each to contact 10 friends who in turn were asked to recruit 10 more friends. Thus, when one team leader reached her 10 friends, those 10 friends reached 100 more women. The Harris Methodist HEB Hospital team alone accounted for 1,000 women being reminded about mammography!

National Denim Day

Harris Methodist HEB Hospital also participated in Leeís National Denim Day. Employees were allowed to wear denims on a selected day and in return donated .to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. This was a great way to raise funds for education and research as well as include a little fun in the workplace!

For more information, please contact:

Kris Stull, Community Coordinator
Harris Methodist HEB Hospital
telephone: 817/685-4873